What do you mean iPad?

While every man and his dog is waiting for their preordered iPad to arrive, a German company called Neofonie went their own way and presented recently their WePad that appears to have, well, better features. This Android based WePad has a bigger (multitouch) screen and a faster CPU than the iPad. Unlike the iPad the WePad supports Adobe Flash/AIR, has USB ports and a buildin card reader. Add complete multitasking (on iPad limited to Apple applications!), support for all open eBook standards (iPad support only their own iBooks store format!) and a webcam to that and you have nearly undefeatable combination.
The only thing that appears to be better on an iPad is Apple’s marketing…

Adobe launches Workspaces

Acrobat.com features Buzzword, a competitor to Google Docs. ConnectNow, a tool for running virtual meetings, sharing desktops, and presenting PowerPoints virtually. Create PDF/Share, a tool to create and share PDF files. Presentations, a tool for collaboratively building presentations. Finally, Spreadsheets: allowing multiple users to create a fully-functional spreadsheet or excel document.
Today, there’s a new addition to the team, Workspaces.

Sneak peek Photoshop CS5

Adobe Creative Suite 5 will be released on April 12th, with shipping to be expected a month later.

Here a sneak preview of Photoshop CS5:

Video demo of the iPad App Store

Browsing the iPad App Store: A Video [By @viticci] from Federico Viticci on Vimeo.

Newspaper Economics

Recently Hal Varian (Google) did a presentation on the future of papers:

030910 Hal Varian FTC Preso

Finally a new website…

Na een aantal jaren alleen maar voor anderen aan het werk te zijn geweest, is het eindelijk gelukt om mijn eigen website te vernieuwen…

The world in 2020