Consulting Services

devx provides comprehensive IT consultancy services encompassing hardware and software selection, infrastructure strategy and architecture, disaster recovery procedures, security solutions, storage solutions (RAID, SAN), migration paths, and IT maintenance and monitoring.

Installation and Configuration

Implementing an appropriate IT solution can take various forms, such as adjusting business processes, optimizing them, or even eliminating redundant ones. Our services extend beyond process automation to include structured maintenance for software, hardware, networks, and business processes. While we do not supply hardware or software directly, we offer expert advice and guidance on selecting reliable suppliers, drawing from extensive experience with industry-leading vendors such as Dell, HP/Compaq, Sun, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Adobe, Enfocus, and Quark. Furthermore, devx offers fixed-price IT project completion to ensure transparency and eliminate surprises.

System Management

devx serves as your partner for both preventive and occasional system management, leveraging our broad experience to minimize downtime. Maintenance and control are critical for IT organizations, and we specialize in providing proactive system maintenance to keep your servers and networks running smoothly. Our fixed-price system management services include regular checks and updates tailored to your organization’s specific needs, allowing you to flexibly adjust the scope of tasks as required. We operate without long-term contracts, offering the flexibility to discontinue services at any time. Our offerings also extend to supporting existing system administrators and optimizing IT management processes through efficient system management planning.

Our expertise spans a wide range of technologies and platforms, including Windows, Unix, Linux, macOS, servers, process automation, networking, database management systems (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL), web servers (Apache, nginx, IIS), scripting languages (Perl, shell, VB, JavaScript), storage solutions, security measures, and cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS.

Our services are not limited to the aforementioned offerings, and we welcome inquiries for additional assistance or custom solutions. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or specific requirements.