Premedia production systems can not be seen separately anymore from ICT. Besides the creative processes, nearly every thing can be more or less automated. The automation of these processes often results in a shift in a the culture of a company. Besides a different approach in workflow, the tasks and function of an employee changes. It also gives you the opportunity to deliver more services to your customers.
devx can help you analyse your existing processes and translate these to a concrete automation plan.
In the market of premedia production automation products, many software products have been introduced. Enfocus Switch (former CaslonFlow) is one the most often used. Because of my wide experience with Switch, you could have a new workflow in a relative short time. Proces automation through webapplications or ‘stand alone’ scripts are also among the possibilities.
devx itself doesn’t supply or sell hardware or software, but can show you the way to the right suppliers.

More premedia related services:

  • Project management
  • Server installation and maintenance(see also IT-diensten)
  • Installation/implementation of standard en non-standard (server)software
  • Advice on ICT organisation
  • Advice/Implement Digital Asset Management or Content Management Systems

Services are of course not limited to the list above. For questions or other inquiries you can contact me.

Skills: Workflow, Digital Asset Management, MediaBank, scripting, Content Management Systems, Enfocus Switch, Adobe CS, Quark, Certified PDF